Educational Success Tutoring

Educational Success offers homeschoolers academic courses and test preparation tutorials to help prepare homeschooled high school students to enter college and thrive at the college level.

Homeschoolers Academic Program

    Having helped many area homeschool students with a variety of needs, we are happy to work with parents and students to develop a custom-tailored program.  Our homeschool program can function as either a complete replacement of, or as a supplement to, your homeschool agenda with students choosing classes “a la carte style” from our traditional high school curriculum. Alternatively, we can help teach and guide students through their existing homeschool curricula. 

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SAT / ACT  Preparation for Homeschoolers

If you are one of the approximately 1.8 million American home schooled students and you are applying college, it will probably be necessary for you to take the SAT.

We have undertaken an extensive study of the new SAT and have developed our own strategies for maximizing points on this completely redesigned test. We give students as much experience as possible with simulated test conditions and are qualified to fill in any gaps in their education that come to light during testing. Unlike big companies, we do not require a set number of sessions, as our one-on-one tutorials allow us to focus specifically on the needs of each individual student. Any deficiencies in subject area knowledge can be addressed immediately which will eliminate one potential problem in the transition to the traditional educational regime of college.

Why are standardized tests necessary? Standardized tests are the only way that colleges can compare students from different high schools and it is even more challenging for them to understand your individualized program. The goal of college admissions is to identify which students will thrive at their institution. Students who cannot compete academically are more likely to drop out as are students who are bored with the academic programs, which is bad for the colleges’ reputations.

Will you get anything from taking the SAT? The most valuable benefit is that you will gain confidence in the quality of your education. You will discover if you are ready to successfully compete at the college level. If not, then your SAT scores will illuminate the path you need to follow to get yourself ready. While you have probably been able so far to escape the trials and tribulations of standardized tests, college is a different world and you will be at a disadvantage if you have no experience with them. A high score on the SAT will make a bigger impression since you do not have a standard high school transcript to trumpet your academic strengths. A material benefit comes with the fact that many colleges offer scholarships based on SAT scores.

In many ways, homeschoolers are better prepared for college than their peers. They have engaged in a “self-teaching curriculum” and have become independent learners who have had the freedom to follow their interests. Colleges do not spoon feed their students; they are expected to get to class on time without the impetus of ringing bells. Independence is crucial and professors respond enthusiastically to self-directed learners who are genuinely interested and want to delve deeper.

How do homeschoolers do on the SAT? The U.S. Department of Education reports that homeschoolers consistently do better than students from traditional schools on standardized tests. Their level of self-awareness is very high; they usually know what their strengths and weaknesses are. This knowledge is what a good SAT tutor needs to gain before he or she can formulate a plan to move a student forward.