Educational Success Tutoring

Educational Success provides one-on-one tutoring for SAT and ACT. Direct instruction of content, test-taking strategies and practice problems will be covered in the program.  We will alter each student’s specific test preparation so that individual needs are the sole focus of each session.  The heart of the program is centered around weekly homework.  Students take a complete section of the test each week, which is reviewed in session.   Students and parents will know exactly what scores are projecting to be and what areas to spend more time practicing.


Changes to the New SAT

In March 2016, the College Board rolled out the redesigned SAT. Questions are more similar to those your student does in class. Here are some common questions about the newly designed exam: 

Why has it been changed?

Many companies report that university graduates lack essential skills: the ability to communicate both orally and in text, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning ability. The U.S. army reports that they are having serious problems filling their quotas. The reasons include “an inability to pass a simple academic test” …“many young people are failing because they are unable to do the math without calculators.”

What has changed?

The new SAT tests problem-solving and creative thinking ability. The most significant change is the emphasis on evidence-based reasoning. In addition, the reading and writing passages now contain graphs, tables, and other data displays.

In the new writing and language section, the students will be editing a text for grammar, clarity, and flow. Everything is done in context: vocabulary, punctuation, deleting or adding sentences, and changing the placement of sentences in the passage.

The biggest change in the math section is that it has been divided into two parts: a non-calculator test and a longer calculator test. Both include 20% free response questions. The text of the math questions is often longer than it was in the old SAT and determining exactly what the question is asking is more difficult than before.

The essay is optional but highly recommended. The format is completely different. The instructions are the same every time: analyze a source document to explain how the author builds an argument. Only some schools will require the essay.

Points are no longer taken off for incorrect answers, which requires new test taking strategies. Guessing is necessary and pacing is crucial!

Will certain types of students benefit more from the changes than others?

In the old SAT, math represented one third of the maximum 2400 point score. In the new test, it now makes up half of the maximum 1600 score. This change will result in strong math students scoring higher in the “Composite Score”. In addition, the fact that there are now data displays in the reading/writing sections could increase this premium. The optional essay is reported separately so it no longer affects the “Composite Score”.




Praxis SAT II

In addition, we can administer a simulated test, where the student will take a test in “real-time”. Upon completion of the test, you will receive direct feedback of your progress and recommendations of specific areas to focus on in the weeks leading to your actual test.