Educational Success Tutoring

Thank you for working with (my son) for the last two years. I know it made a difference for him. He really enjoyed working with you. Thanks again!

Parent, Tyngsboro, MA

Thank you! We really appreciate the updates. (Our son) has related that he finds his sessions with you very helpful.

Parent, Nashua, NH

Jenn, I meant to email you the other day when SAT scores came out….I had a 1730 and you said we could definitely reach 1800 and that was my goal. I got all the way up to a 1870!! I improved 120 on my reading section alone. I think because of all the tips you helped me with for the reading:) Also I took the ACT …my best section was Science where I got a 30!!….I also did really well on the reading and math for the ACT, definitely because of your help. Thanks you so much for tutoring me, I really did enjoy being there. Somehow you made it fun to come to SAT tutoring, which prior to coming to tutoring, I thought was equivalent to making pigs fly, but you proved me wrong….thanks again for being the best tutor I could ask for!

Student, Nashua, NH

It is amazing where the time goes, it seems like just yesterday we walked through your door looking for help with algebra. It is us that wants to thank you and your staff. You have been the biggest reason that (our son) has done well in the math subjects in high school. He has some nice options for college. You have helped him have these options and the opportunity to study his field of engineering…We want to thank you and your staff very much for helping (our son) achieve the math grades that have opened the door to a good future for him.

Parent, Nashua, NH

I was happy to hear that the first tutoring session went well for (my son)… he said it was really good and he gets it, and you are so smart, very good at explaining the work, and funny too! He was actually excited…..He even volunteered to do a problem on the board in class the next day…We wish we had found you sooner! Thanks again for (him) suddenly understanding algebra!!!

Parent, Londonderry, NH

Hi Pete…I just got my SAT scores today and I wanted to thank you! I got 90 points higher on math! On Reading I was 40 points higher and on writing I got a 560 which was 50 points higher! Thank you so much for all of your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. You made this process fun (besides the actual test taking). Thanks again for your positivity and support. You’re the best!

Student, Bedford, NH

Hi Cheryl…I wanted to tell you how happy (and impressed) I was with (my daughter’s) progress this past year. Her grades went up dramatically with only 4 lessons with you…I can’t thank you enough. Thank you again for all you do…You are a wonderful teacher.

Parent, Nashua, NH

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in physics, I ended the class with a final grade of a B+ and I could not have done that without your help! I also wanted to let you know that I will be attending (college name) in the Fall and I may be taking up your offer for some help via Skype if possible! I know I will be taking some very challenging courses!

Student, Merrimack, NH

(Our daughter) got her second set of SAT scores back last week. Her score increased by over 200 points to a 2020! She got a 660 on the Math section. Thanks for working with her. I know it put her in the right direction and it made her want to work on it.

Parent, Hollis, NH

I can’t thank you enough for the work you did with (our son) this year. You have helped him immensely! He developed more confidence in himself and his abilities because of you. I wish he could take you to college!

Parent, Tyngsboro, MA